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To be a pioneer in the sector and region we are in, by establishing permanent relations with our customers on the basis of the principles of "trust, honesty, transparency" and expanding our trade network.


​→ Establishing strong and lasting relationships with our customers.

→ To improve quality continuously.

→ To deliver the highest quality to our customers at minimum cost.

→ Managing products and services and change that will meet customer demands and requests, rather than pure sales.

→ To set zero accident as the main target and to keep the security measures at the highest level.

→ Adopting innovation and managing change with measurable targets that enable monitoring and improvement.

→ To comply with all applicable laws in the countries in which we operate, by fulfilling obligations and commitments.

→ To adopt the highest level of respect on the basis of ethical behavior in all our interactions with our customers.

→ To take every precaution to protect the environment and nature while achieving these goals.

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